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Subscribe to The Telegraph today and collect up to 20,000 Avios, which can be used towards flights, hotel stays, upgrades, days out and more. Fly to and from Paris with 10,000 Avios (taxes, fees and charges apply and are payable in cash only) or see the view from the Shard with a 5,000 Avios gift.

To enjoy these rewards you will need to be a members of the Avios Travel Rewards Programme or British Airways Executive Club. If you are not a yet a member, don't worry - you can join now and collect your Avios later.

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Unlimited access to Premium articles online and in our mobile app, attend subscriber-only events and redeem exclusive Telegraph Rewards.

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Terms and conditions
1. This offer is open to new subscribers only, who purchase a subscription with the Telegraph Newspaper. To redeem the offer, subscribers must be a member of the Avios Travel Rewards Programme (ATRP) or the British Airways Executive Club (BAEC). Subscribers can become a member of the ATRP here and of the BAEC by visiting  British Airways. 2. The new subscriber has the subscription options below that will qualify for Avios points; - 20,000 Avios points are available for a prepaid Print Editions, Print Complete or annual recurring Digital Editions subscription taken out for 12 months - 10,000 Avios points are available for a prepaid 26 week Print Editions or Print Complete subscription - or a Print Editions or Print Complete subscription taken out on a monthly/quarterly recurring payment schedule - 5,000 Avios points are available for an annually recurring Premium subscription 3. The Telegraph will send the new subscriber a voucher code 21 days after the subscription starts, or for those on a recurring payment schedule, when the first payment has cleared. 4. Upon receipt of the voucher code the subscriber must visit to redeem the voucher. The Avios points will be awarded to the ATRP or BAEC account within 5 days. 5. Voucher codes will expire on 15th May 2018. Voucher codes must be redeemed before the expiry date in order to qualify for the Avios points. Expired Avios points cannot be replaced. 6. For missing Avios queries please contact 7. This offer is not open to existing subscribers. 8. Subscriptions are limited to one per household and the maximum number of Avios that can be awarded to a single customer is 40,000 Avios points. 9. Once the 14-day money back period has passed, the minimum subscription term is 6 months. 10. Avios are issued and redeemed in accordance with Avios terms and conditions, for further information please visit 11. For full terms and conditions, visit Telegraph terms and conditions