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Three adaptable alpine Campanulas chosen by plant hunter Lark Hanham

Described as a “diverse and charming group” by Sue Wooster – National Collection Holder of Alpine Campanulas and RHS Gold Medallist – there are many reasons why Campanulas are so well-regarded. Originally native to mountainous regions of southern Europe, they’re extremely hardy, adaptable and rewarding perennials to grow. Irresistible to pollinators, they offer lots of long-lived colour above compact, drought-tolerant cushions of evergreen foliage. 

cochlearifolia 'Elizabeth Oliver' AGM

Campanula cochlearifolia 'Elizabeth Oliver' AGM Credit: Credit: Holmes Garden Photos / Alamy Stock Photo/Holmes Garden Photos / Alamy Stock Photo

Discovered in a garden in Britain in 1970, ‘Elizabeth Oliver’ is acclaimed for its opulent beauty and its commendable garden performance. Its neat, compact habit is coated in ruffled and doubled baby-blue bells through June and July. Plant in full view at the front of a semi-shaded border where it will slowly spread by rhizomes and create well-behaved green mats. 

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portenschlagiana 'Resholdt's Variety' 

Campanula portenschlagiana 'Resholdt's Variety' Credit: ©Garden World Images/Trevor Sims

Choose this evergreen branching specimen for its uninhibited but not unruly scrambling, dwarf habit and its fantastic floral longevity from late-spring to late-summer. 'Resholdt's Variety' is an excellent groundcover and gap filler. It will pop up in crevices, cascade down walls and creep through paving. Its vivid violet-blue flowers associate well with any plant. Height 15cm and spread 50cm.

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poscharskyana 'Pinkins' (PBR)

Campanula poscharskyana 'Pinkins'

Dressed in large pink star-like flowers with twinkling white centres is the unique Pinkins. Preferring sunnier locations, it flowers from June to September. It’s a special addition for any garden pot where it will neatly trail over the edges. Height 15cm spread 30cm. 

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Trillium pusillum - photo credit to John Johnson

Trillium pussilum


If you’re lucky, one day you will witness the subtle, understated beauty of the rare dwarf wakerobin.  Its poised, narrow, collar-like leaves are marbled with an opulent purple hue, which provides the perfect backdrop to the proud, upward-facing, intricately rippled blooms in spring.


Growing to only 25cm tall, plant in drifts of threes and fives in shade and situate somewhere you can enjoy the white reflexed blooms. Watch as they slowly transform into a dusky rose.


Over time, this scarce little Trillium will create handsome clumps of erect foliage and will happily colonise in moist, rich, leafy soils. Divide clumps in September before frosts and transplant with extra helpings of leaf mould.

Works well with…

Plant with Tiarellas, Dicentras, Fritillarias and perennial Polyanthus Dark Rosaleen for the ultimate spring showdown. Height and spread 25cm. 

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