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Three shade-tolerant Geraniums chosen by plant hunter Lark Hanham

Geraniums are a fail-safe, handsome group of perennials that supply unparalleled interest – the hardy genus even boasts the RHS Plant of the Centenary, Geranium Rozanne. Geraniums offer a plethora of cultivar choices to suit any location or taste, while their ease of growth and readiness to thrive mean they are sought-after specimens for low-maintenance planting schemes. This attractive selection will provide luscious foliage and alluring floral shows; perfect for illuminating shady areas of the garden as each will tolerate reduced light levels and bouts of drought with little impact.

Blue Sunrise AGM

Blue Sunrise Credit: ©Garden World Images/Martin Hughes-Jones

Blue Sunrise arrives in spring dressed in an exceptional coat of lime-yellow and red-tinged, deeply-cut leaves. By mid summer, they mellow to a vibrant lime-green, which accentuates the charming, tumbling habit. Its long-lived blooms blush lilac, pink and mauve from May to August and each petal is intricately lined with magenta and a paler centre. The final showdown is in autumn as the foliage flushes flame red. Height 40cm and spread 60cm.

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clarkei 'Kashmir White'

Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White

Flowering from May to September, Kashmir White is renowned for its relentless flowering periods – great for repeating through the garden to draw the eye and provide continuity. This Geranium literally billows with blooms. However, it’s best enjoyed in detail, where you can see each petal is defined by a delicate pink veining. Its foliage is a lush mid-green, offering perfectly formed seven-lobed leaves, which look great when teamed with purple and blue flower plants. Height and spread 45cm.

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Anne Thomson AGM

Anne Thomson Credit: Credit: REDA /REDA &CO srl / Alamy Stock Photo

Robust and branching, with delicate-looking dangling buds, this Geranium will brighten any shady border. In June Thomson’s large parasol-shaped flowers scatter across the weed-suppressing sprawling structure, which is perfect for creating an effortless, relaxed feel. Awarded an AGM it shows reliable garden performance and flowers continuously until late August. Ideal for growing under deciduous trees. Height 60cm and spread 1m.

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Buy Lark’s three shade-tolerant Geraniums 

  • Buy three young plants for £14.50, nine for £21.75 - Half price or buy the mix of 15 for only £32.05 and save £40. Plus p&p £4.95
  • Supplied as young plants in 14 days*
  • Order at or call 0333 772 0325. Contract for supply of goods is with Hayloft Plants Ltd
  • *Offers subject to availability

Offer closing date June 20, 2017


Credit: unknown

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Alstroemeria Duc d'Anjou 'Georges'

Darkest Peruvian Lily


After visiting the national collection holder of Alstroemeria in the sunny, rich-soiled Loire valley, I couldn’t resist snaffling up the entire stock of the world’s darkest Peruvian Lily. It has been stabilised and improved, and will delight any gardener.


For optimum performance and longer flowering, the best location would be a border or container in full sun with a well-drained soil substrate to ensure its tuberous roots don't rot.  


Add lashings of grit to the planting hole and give plants sufficient space to fill out as these 9cm potted plants will grow quickly once planted. It’s also advised that blooms are pulled at the base of their frame rather than cut. 

Works well with…

Team its intricately flecked, white smudged petals with Lysimachia Beaujolais, Knautia macedonica and Astrantia Venice for the ultimate rich red collection. Height and spread 50cm. 

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  • Buy one 9cm pot for £12, three for £18 (half price) or nine for only £45. Plus £4.95 P&P
  • Supplied as 9cm pots in 14 days*. 
  • Order at or call 0333 772 0325. Contract for supply of goods is with Hayloft Plants Ltd*Offers subject to availability

Offer closing date June 20, 2017

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