Deputy head teacher who had sex with teenage girls given £8,000 golden handshake, tribunal hears

The local authority has now launched an inquiry 
The local authority has now launched an inquiry  Credit:  Barry Batchelor

A deputy head teacher who had sex with three teenage girls was allowed to leave with a glowing reference and an £8,000 golden handshake, a tribunal heard.

The local authority has now launched an inquiry into why Jonathan Norbury, 35, was given such preferential treatment despite his “sexually motivated” actions being known.

Norbury, a married father-of-three, has now been banned from schools for at least ten years, after a disciplinary panel found him guilty of 17 counts of professional misconduct.

He kissed one girl in his classroom store cupboard and took the virginity of another on his parents' lounge floor, a disciplinary hearing was told.

He also got one girl drunk in a park before making her strip naked and grope him sexually. The tribunal heard told Norbury was a primary school teacher and a church deacon while he exchanged flirty texts and met up with the three teenagers for kissing, touching and sex.

He had a unique level of charisma and boys and girls flocked to himCase presenter Cadi Dewi

Case presenter Cadi Dewi said: "He had a unique level of charisma and boys and girls flocked to him." She said the girls - then aged as young as 15 - were "flattered" when Norbury began contacting them. Norbury began picking up one girl - referred to as Girl A - in his car when she was 15 in 2005 where he would touch her sexually.

She later lost her virginity to Norbury on the floor of his parent's lounge just days after she turned 16, and continued to meet up including in hotels where they would perform sex acts on each other.

A second woman - Girl B - told the hearing she was 15 when Norbury began to send her text messages including saying "you look hot", and enjoyed the attention because he was "older and good looking."

The panel heard the teen visited Norbury in his classroom at Pontarddulais Primary School in Swansea, South Wales, dressed in her school uniform, and he took her into a store cupboard to kiss and touch each other and she showed him her underwear.

A third woman - Girl C - said Norbury took her into woodland at Coed Bach Park in Pontarddulais when she was 16, and gave her a flask of Malibu to drink which made her feel "dizzy". Norbury undressed her and persuaded her to grope him sexually before making her walk a 20 minute journey alone back to her home in the early hours of the morning.

Norbury denied any sexual contact took place with any of the girls before they turned 16, admitting some of the allegations took place but arguing the women had mistakenly or deliberately gotten their dates wrong.

The Education Workforce Council handed Norbury a prohibition order, which will see him struck off the teaching register for at least 10 years. Norbury was cleared in court two years ago of allegedly having underage sex with two of the girls, after insisting nothing had happened until they had turned 16. He was subsequently sacked from his job as deputy head of Casllwchwr Primary School in Swansea for gross misconduct after the trial in 2015.

A council spokesman said they welcome the panel’s decision, but remain “concerned about the processes which led to Mr Norbury receiving his reference”, adding that they have commissioned an independent review.

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